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Superior Geographical Position and Convenient Transportation


Anhui is located in the hinterland area of Yangtze River Delta which is the most vibrant and development potential area in China. Anhui is not only the forward position which is undertaking economic radiation and industrial transfer in coastal developed are, but also the key are of implementing China Western Development and Strategy of “Rise of Central China”. It has the location advantages of linking east to west, even in the south to north. Focus on Hefei which is capital city, within 500 kilometers, there are several big cities such as Shanghai, Nanjing and Wuhan and 500 million populations, accounting for almost 40% of China’s GDP.


Anhui is planning to create a multimodal system which the main body is international airport, highway, railway and inland waterway. The aim is that build integrated traffic hub and logistics center. There are 6 airports in Anhui, among them, Hefei Xinqiao International Airport which is 4E level has completed the test flight and it will be put into operation in the first half of this year. Both of highway traffic mileage and railway operating mileage have broken 3200 kilometers. By high-speed rail, it is only taken one hour from Hefei to Nanjing, two hours from Hefei to Wuhan, three hours from Hefei to Shanghai and no more than 4 hours from Hefei to Beijing. The length of Navigable Inland waterway is 6525 kilometers and 399 more than 1000 tons berths which is the first place in center-west area of China. There are 7 ports which is authorized by state council and it is the first place in central area of China. 

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