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2015 Russia Moscow New Electronics and PCB Exhibition

Exhibition time: March 24, 2015 to March 26, 2015

Exhibition Venues: Moscow Expocenter Exhibition Center




Russia New Electronics Exhibition is the most professional exhibition in native market. It has been successfully held for 12 consecutive times since 2003. The organizing committee which is CHIP-EXPO Exhibition Organization got received a great deal of support from Russian government which include Russian Federation Council, Russian Federal Industrial Trade Department, Moscow City Technology Department and Moscow Industry and Trade League.


In 2004, there were 382 exhibitors which come from 15 countries attended this exhibition. Furthermore, the exhibition area was 8500 square meters which include No 3-6 exhibition room in No.7 exhibition hall of IEC Expo center. Among them, the most influence E-components enterprises were based in No.3-5 exhibition room and there were 1.2 thousand visitors come to this exhibition (main fields are military industry, energy, technology, telecommunication, aerospace and shipbuilding industry, traffic and urban facilities).


Sponsor: Russian Chipexpo Exhibition Company


Organizer: Guangzhou Qi-fa Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd


Co-organizer: Guangzhou Qi-fa Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd


Exhibition Range:


Exhibition area of electronic components, electrical and mechanical components, passive components and semiconductor products:


Diode, crystal, memory, processor, integrated circuits, optoelectronic and display components, connectors, all kinds of micro switch, relay, cables, filters, inductors, resistors, capacitors, transformers, microwave components, piezoelectric components, magnetic materials, piezoelectric ceramic products; embedded system, display products, power supply, battery, ED/EDA and testing technology, packaging system, industrial control and automation, smart card, micro system, test and measurement instruments; system integration and subsystem, IC packaging technology, electronic manufacturing equipment.


Exhibition area of PCB:


Assembly; Assembly equipment; Suppliers; Cleaning equipment; Cleaning; Design software; Software; Electronic manufacturing; Manufacturing services; Hand tools; Welding equipment; Welding; Crest; Template; Printing equipment; Printing; Measuring equipment; Measurement; Maintenance equipment; Maintenance; Production line; Circuit board; line; Car; Communication products; Communication; Computer; Airlines; Medical treatment; Panel; Encapsulation; Loading; Chips; Punching machine; Punch; Electroplating; Surface treatment; Automation; Automation equipment; Test equipment; Laminated; Etching; Packaging equipment; Packaging; Environmental engineering; Environment; Engineering equipment; material; Resin.

Sponsor:Anhui Province Investment Promotion Agency
Technical Support:Anhui International Electronic Commerce Center
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