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Over 800 Million Yuan on Information Consumption by Founding 12000 Smart Enterprises 

        On 12 of July, the conference of “Internet + smart enterprises” which hold by Anhui Economic and Information Commission and China Mobile (Anhui) was hold in Hefei. In 2013, the Economic and Information Commission and China Mobile (Anhui) get together to develop activity of “thousands smart enterprises”. In next three years, there were 12 thousands smart enterprises to improve information consumption over 800 million Yuan, in addition, save 1.2 billion Yuan for all enterprises. This activity not only promoted enterprises informatization level but also improved core competitiveness.
        The policy of this activity is “government guidance, enterprise dominant, social participation and resource aggregation”. Not only based on next-generation internet, cloud computing and internet of things, but also rely on resource advantages on internet, technology, service and talents in China Mobile, the purpose is providing all kinds of informatization applied resolutions and promoting the scientific, networking and intellgentize on operating management so that help enterprises to upgrade and improve economic benefit and competitive power of enterprises.
        As an upgrade of “Thousands Smart Enterprises”, the activity of “Internet + Smart Enterprises” is very important to promote enterprises transforming and upgrading. In future, in order to building open platform, innovating business application and sharing recourses. This activity will build the unify “Smart Enterprises Cloud” which based on recourse of Huai-nan Data Center and ubiquitous wired network and wireless network.

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