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Xuancheng is located in southeastern of Anhui. It borders on Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces. It is the major passage linking the southeastern coastal area with inland. It is also located in the fringe zone between Wannan Montainous Area and the Lower Yangtze Plain, surrounded by Tianmu Mountain to its east, Mount Huang to its south and Mount Jiuhua to its west. Within its boundary, Jingting, Baishi, Shuixi and Longxu hill roll and the Qingyi and Shuiyang River wind through. 


Xuancheng is a city with a long history, numerous cultural relics and talents. It has enjoyed a history of over 2000 years since it was established as a shire in the Western Han Dynasty. It is the home of four treasures of study ( bursh, ink stick, paper and ink stone), landscape garden city, historic and cultural city and one of the cities in Wanjaing Urban Belt Demonstration Region Undertaking Industrial Transfer.

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