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Tongling is located in south central Anhui and lies on the south bank of the Yangtze River. It was established as a mining city in 1956. It is an emerging port city for industry and trade. It has favorable geographical location: it is midway between Shanghai to Wuhan and Nanjing to Jiujiang and the north gate of Yellow Mountain and Jiuhua Mountain tourism area; it is also the key city for implementation of provincial strategy to develop and open " two cities and one city belt along the Yangtze River".


Tongling is the pilot city for the comprehensive coordinated reform, capital structure optimization and the reform of state-owned capital operation, so it enjoys a batch of perferential policies encouraging foreign investment. As a city located near the mountain and river, Tongling owns a beautiful natural environment. It has been awarded as the State Sanitary City, National Advanced City for Science and Technology Work, National Model City for Mutual Support between Civilian and Armed Forces, the First Provincial Garden Cities in Anhui, the Port Final for 10000 ton Seagoing Vessel and National Garden City.

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